Sunday, 15 March 2015

When Will White People Wake Up

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”- Marcus Aurelius

I have often heard the question “When will our people wake up and do something?” or variations of it. I've often been prone to asking it myself. I have over the years heard many people say to me “I’m not fully awake until I've had my first cup of coffee.” Then it came to me, the waking up process as a metaphor for becoming politically engaged.

First thing in the morning we are typically awoken by the alarm clock, politically, especially in White Nationalism, this involves being the victim of Black or other non-White crime, sometimes it is being discriminated against by Affirmative Action or being screwed in a business deal by Jews, or seeing too many non-White move in to the neighborhood. Sometimes it is something as simple as hearing White Power music and getting interested in the philosophy behind it, or conversations with a White Nationalist. The alarm takes many forms, but it is the thing that awakens all of us to the truth of what is going on: the systematic destruction of our race, the White Genocide.

When we wake up in the morning, we tend to be groggy and not wanting to move. The person awakening politically will question whether they want to look into ideas that if publicly known will make them social outcasts. They also have trouble moving beyond the comfort of the ideas they already have, much like wanting to stay under the covers.

Eventually a decision is made to move, which typically involves some stretching and rubbing sand from the eyes. This is the period of testing the new ideas against their current ones and throwing away the parts that do not make sense.

Then comes the climbing out of bed, which is politically embracing the new idea. So there the newly awakened person stands, ready to jump into the coming race war and fight for Folk and Fatherland! But wait, something is missing, very few people crawl out of bed totally ready for the day ahead, they need to go through the morning ritual.

So the newly awakened does what we all do when we wake up, we head into the bathroom and make use of the toilet. Politically this is cutting away from one’s life the things that are not compatible with this new way of thinking. This could involve ending the use of narcotics, or perhaps removing the “Check your privilege” bumper sticker, the list can go on and on. The point being it is a period of dumping (no pun intended) of all the old crap that is not a part of the new way.

Then people tend to jump in the shower and this also is a period of cleansing only on a mental level. It could involve doing away with a false sense of guilt for being White or for historical wrongs and other typical anti-White ideas.
So after that shower comes the drying off period, where the newly awakened person has finished all questioning and eliminating the old ways and is ready to jump into the fight, they just need to get dressed.

Picking out the clothes for the day is not always easy, after all sometimes your favorite outfit might be dirty or maybe it no longer fits or you just can’t decide. In the White Nationalist movement there are many outfits one can choose, by which I mean what kind and in what way will you work toward the salvation our people? Do you go with one of the classics like the KKK? Perhaps Skinhead is more your thing? Or maybe the academic civil rights activist, like David Duke is your thing? Maybe you have musical talents and the White Power music scene is where you belong? Or making media, like YouTube videos and podcast radio is where your talents are pointing you? There are many, many different ways of being part of the movement and not all are flashy and visible. Our movement is like a body with the members each in the place they need to be, in order to maximise their potential and unleash the potential of the movement. It is not always easy to choose what you will wear (as any woman will tell you) but once it is chosen, is the newly awakened ready to head into the fight? Not just yet.

After dressing most people will eat breakfast and have their morning coffee. Politically this involves taking in the culture of the movement. Learning the social norms and the taboos. For instance, it would not go over well if you showed up to a Cross Lighting ceremony dressed in a Cookie Monster costume, nor would it be appropriate to go to an American Renaissance conference in an SS uniform and scream “Heil Hitler!”
The coffee part is the motivation of why the newly awakened want to come into the movement. Are they driven by love of life, of wanting to preserve their heritage, or are they just an angry hooligan looking to use White Nationalism as an excuse for violence? Did they come to the movement looking for a place to belong or are they simply trying to impress a girl? Whatever the motive, once they have that motivation it is time to head to work.

So they will grab their keys and head out the door, ready to do their job. This means politically gathering the resources needed to do the job your position in the movement requires of you. This can include education on the issues, such as history, like the academic type, practicing and building a band for the musically inclined and so on. Only after gathering the resources is the newly awakened in a position to act on their new political beliefs.

Now not everyone is going to follow the same morning ritual, some may skip the shower, or eat breakfast then get dressed, but in general most people are not ready to head out the door until they have gone through some morning ritual, and they is when our people will wake up and start doing something, when we have collectively had our morning coffee and found the motivation to go to work. That will only start to happen when the alarm clock starts going off, which means that those of us already awake need to start sounding the alarm and waking people up.

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