Monday, 3 March 2014

      Whenever I do a web search on why White Pride is considered racist I get the exact same answer, a history lesson on Blacks being slaves and not having any idea where they come from. This does not have anything to do with White Pride. Like all liberal arguments it just completely avoids the issue and either promotes White guilt or hurls insults. The truth of the matter is that White Pride is not racist, it has nothing to do with non-Whites or White supremacist concepts. What White Pride is, is just what it sounds like, pride in ones race.
      This is how White Pride works: I am a White person and as a member of the White race I am able to feel included in all White cultures. I would have to look 20 or more generations back to find Scottish or British heritage in my family tree, but because I am White, I feel perfectly comfortable and included in Scottish and British traditions. That is what White Pride is about, celebrating all parts of the White race and its varied cultures. A German can and is perfectly comfortable celebrating Saint Patrick's Day because a German is White and shares a racial connection to the Irish. White Pride crosses language and territorial boundaries, it unites all those of European heritage and glue that holds us together as a race.
      White Pride World Wide is a rallying call for all Whites to unite and take a stand against the silent genocide we are in the midst of. So my White brothers and sisters, stand tall and courageous, shout it loud and say it proud, "White Pride World Wide, together we will stop the White Genocide!"

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