Monday, 27 April 2015

The State of Things Today

"It is not the evil itself which is horrifying about our times - it is the way we not only tolerate evil, but have made a cult of positively worshiping weakness, depravity, rottenness and evil itself. It is not the death rattle in the throat of Western civilization which is surprising; it is the fact that millions of Americans believe that the death rattle is a beautiful song!"
- George Lincoln Rockwell 'White Power'

The weekend edition of the Winnipeg Metro February 6-8 2015 has a story on page 7 about a 16 year old teenager charged with assault after he stabbed a 15 year old teenager who was armed with a hammer and bear spray and who broke into the 16 year olds home and attacked him. So a 16 year old kid who was defending his 13 year old sister from 3 home invaders is now under arrest and is charged with a more serious crime than the 3 who violated the sanctity of his home for reasons we can only speculate on, though I can only imagine the worst.

According to the story the 16 year old armed himself with a knife and confronted the intruders, who attacked him with the bear spray, at which point the 16 year old stabbed his attacker several times. The 15 year old fled and was later arrested with his two accomplices.

This kid who protected his home and his sister from these reprobate scum should be given a medal and held up as an example of how to deal with criminal trash who invade our lives with violent intentions. But instead he is under arrest for defending himself. What kind of insanity would drive the government to do such a morally disgusting thing?

It has come to the point that the only way we are allowed to defend ourselves is to call the police and wait for them to come save us. So while we are being beaten, raped, robbed or murdered by these scumbags there is nothing we are legally allowed to do. Imagine if the person defending themselves was White and the criminal native or Black, they would probably be charged with a hate crime.
Then there is the Supreme Court striking down the ban on assisted suicide, which the latest nail that has been hammered into the coffin of Western culture by the death worshiping Marxists, Jews and liberals. The result being that from a legal perspective, human life is worthless and not deserving of protection by law, unlike, say, same sex “marriage” which of course must be protected.
You can tell what a sick a degenerate society we live in, where baby killing is considered a human right, euthanizing the sick is now a human right, fucking another man in the ass is a human right protected by law, teaching little kids about men who fuck other men in ass is considered necessary, but basic things one would consider rights, like the ability to express any idea one wishes, or protect oneself from criminal scum is not allowed, in point of fact it is being proactively abolished by the liberal scum who promote degenerate behavior.

Everywhere I look I see proof that I am correct in my assessment that our rights are being stripped from us. The charter clearly says we have a right to security of our person but the actions of police and prosecutors over the past few weeks where incidents of self-defense are being treated as crimes demonstrates that those rights have no meaning nor are they legally protected. With B.C Supreme court ruling Charter rights are not applicable on university campuses, we are entering into an era of tyranny, and not the good kind that strengthens the Nation, like we saw with Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany.

 From the jailing’s of Ernst Zundel and Brad Love, to the lawsuits and gag orders put on Tom Whatcot to the illegal gun grab at High River Alberta, government outlawing the possession of body armor by civilians, to new speech laws being brought in, we are being oppressed and nobody is saying anything about it, it seems except for me.

Well I will not be silent, I will not be intimidated and I sure as hell will not stop doing everything I can to protect my race from the genocidal war that is being waged against us. Make no mistake it is a war that we are in. The bullets may not be flying yet, but we are being attacked. From Muslim terrorist attacks to the social policies that are destroying our sovereign rule over our own countries, to the ongoing cultural revolution lead by the Jews and their Marxist-liberal collaborators that are destroying everything our ancestors built, we are under siege and most of us don’t even know it.
Our countries are being overrun by 3rd world immigrants, which nobody voted for and which only those who are the most ignorant of the facts or depraved liberal would actually want or support. White people are not reproducing at a level necessary for replacement and with the resulting miscegenation we are looking at a genocide through assimilation. Of course the anti-Whites will not admit that there is a genocide taking place, unless you challenge them on their sick ideas, then you see the yellow eyed hobgoblin that they are come out, shrieking about Blacks being slaves, colonialism, the Holocaust™©®, Natives being dispossessed of land, how annoying Justin Bieber is. All in an attempt to justify the genocide of the White race. Sometimes they even challenge Whites to justify their own continued existence, something only a genocidal maniac would do.

As I consider these things I truly feel like weeping. Our culture is in ruins, our people are dying and we are wallowing in a suicidal bliss as we stuff our souls with poisonous media, mindless consumerism and the sick ideas coming out of the Marxist trash who are running our universities. From the newly invented hate crime known as micro-aggression to the mythical White privilege and sex education for little kids that goes beyond the biological facts to reach the lowest kinds of depravity that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.  It just continues to get worse and worse. Our moral compass has become so damaged that we now look at evil and call it a virtue. The heroic ideal of our ancestors, the knight in shining armor has been replaced with the anti-hero. No longer do we have the role models who taught us to always do good, even if it cost us everything we hold dear, no our role models today, the heroic ideal that is held up to us, demanding our admiration are the kinds of people the Knights of old fought against. Mobsters, biker gangs, serial killers, bloodthirsty cannibals, thieves, sexual sadists, drug addicts, pimps and whores, drunken idiots, disease spreading homosexuals, mentally ill transsexuals and attention seeking celebrities, these are what we are taught to look upon and envy.

What can we do about all of this? Where can we go to get away from it all? We have no homeland that is free from this poison, all across North America and Europe we are being force fed this toxic culture. It is not simply a matter of turning off the TV or refusing to read the gossip pages in the newspaper, it goes much deeper than that. The toxic culture has affected us in ways most of us, even those aware of the problem even know.

How many of us have abandoned religion or badmouth it whenever the topic is brought up. Do those of you who do so even know why you do it? A century ago, even if you had no faith, you still recognized the goodness of that belief that guided our society and informed our moral decisions. Today we are taught that religion and the cultivation of virtue is evil. Tolerance is now held up as the greatest virtue there is, yet it is no virtue. Like the rise of the anti-hero we are witnessing the rise of the anti-virtue and the epitome of the anti-virtue is tolerance. When we dissect tolerance and look at how it works, we see something truly disgusting. We find apathy and cowardice cloaked in dishonesty and even treason pretending to be the heights of moral excellence.

The apathy manifests itself in no longer caring about our fellow humans. As our community crumbles around us we hear the constant refrain “It does not matter what consenting adults do with each other.” What those who say this really mean is they do not care about people engaging in self-destructive behavior. The self-destructive behavior people engage in does not stay confined to the consenting adults, it spreads into other aspects of their life and influences those in their life and people connected to them up to the seventh degree. The choices we make have repercussions on people we do not know and will probably never know.

The social breakdown we have been seeing, from the collapse of the family unit, to the growing alienation is all a result of people no longer holding each other accountable, of the disappearance of judging others. It was through judgment and the fear of being judged that was the primary means of maintaining a moral order in society, it was self-policing that kept people in line for centuries. It has disappeared with the rise of the tolerance cult, where instead of encouraging moral behavior it reinforces the justifications people make for their immoral actions. The result being, the rise of the police state.

We are also as a society growing more and more cowardly. The fear we feel, fear to even go outside is also a result of tolerance. By no longer enforcing the moral order, the rise of criminal behavior has had a free pass. It is no longer acceptable to punish wrongdoers, they must be rehabilitated and given sympathetic treatment because their daddy beat them and mommy never loved them. Situational explanations, like drug or alcohol abuse, painful childhoods, mental illness, being a “victim of racism”(unless you have been lynched by the Klan, had a Skinhead gang throw you a boot party or been raped, beaten or otherwise violated by Blacks or other non-Whites over historical grievances (far more common that Klan or Skin attacks) you are not a victim of racism) are used to justify their sick behavior, such as we see constantly in the news, rapists, murderers, thieves, child molesters and drug dealers are given lenient sentencing due solely to the death worshiping liberals and the activist (more than a few are Jews) judges who like to use the legal system as their own petri-dish for social experimentation. Personal choice is no longer a consideration, we as a society have abandoned the need to hold each other and ourselves responsible for our choices.

There has also been the rise in dishonesty, we no longer admit the truth and hide behind political correctness, the most insidious and vile form of thought control created. It makes us terrified of speaking the truth. For instance, when someone points out that Blacks commit more crime than Whites, a favorite tactic of the Jews, Marxists, liberals and other related Left Wing Loony Toons is to deny that race actually exists. Then three sentences later blame Black crime on White people enslaving Blacks a 150+ years ago.
  Political correctness and the desire to never offend anyone have left us a nation of cowards. Instead of standing up for yourself, we are expected, even taught to snitch to the powers that be. Is it any wonder we in the west lead such pointless lives?  We have given away our power, the only real power we have; our speech is no longer free. Whether it is anti-hate laws or simply the new social taboo, we can no longer speak our mind without fear of being branded a bigot or being sued by someone whose feeling were hurt.
As Euripides said it so clearly: "A slave is he who cannot speak his thought." As I examine political correctness and its effects upon society I can come to no other conclusion that aside from those of us with the Knightly virtue of being able to speak the truth, even if it leads to our death, our society is a society of slaves. The only difference from the slaves of old and the slaves of today is that the slaves of today have invisible chains created by their minds.

Then there is the newest trend among the hip and cool brainwashed and unthinking liberal crowd: treason. They love to hate their country and their race, especially if they are White liberals, who would never live next to non-Whites. The media and the Marxist controlled school system teaches kids to hate their country and love the enemy, to hate their race and fill them with a false sense of guilt. The newest weapon in this is the “privilege” concept. White privilege, heterosexual privilege, marriage privilege, thin privilege, adult privilege, car ownership privilege, home owner privilege, big tits privilege, “I got more toys than you” privilege, musically talented privilege, literacy privilege, riding a unicycle and juggling at the same time privilege, Christian privilege (because you know, Christians have such an unfair advantage over atheists and heathens when celebrating Christian holidays), psychologically and intellectually stable enough to recognize the difference between men and women privilege, Living in a reality based on facts and a sane and rational understanding of the world privilege (liberals just hate the conservative minded people for have this privilege over them)   and on and on it goes, with new privileges being invented by demented liberals every day. We are supposed to feel guilty for being White or straight or married or healthy, all in order to make a bunch of underachieving non-Whites, perverts, fat lazy slobs and singles feel better about being the worthless people they make a conscious and deliberate choice in being.
I’m still waiting for them to come out with the “My people used to be slaves of White people and therefore I have a right to rape, rob and murder” privilege or the less verbose Black privilege. Oh, wait, never mind, they already have that.
Or how about Muslim privilege, you know, how they can cut people’s heads off and blow up bombs and shoot anyone who offends their pedophile prophet, but are not really be terrorists, at least according to liberals who for some really fucked up reason love a violent, misogynist primitive religion that was started by a child molester, but hate with a seething passion Jesus Christ. Must be because Islam is full of non-Whites and liberals hate White people with a genocidal intensity.

Our society has become a tyranny, a dictatorship of depravity, where the moral order is no longer based on the eternal and immutable laws of nature, but a complete and total rebellion against them.

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