Saturday, 8 February 2014

Men need to fix the problem of men

         Years ago I would talk with a young woman during breaks at work and one day she came in with a black eye. She explained her boyfriend had gotten high on cocaine and beat her up. She went on to tell me how it was not his fault, how she should not have told him to stop doing drugs. That night he came to pick her up after work and I was hell bent on shoving the lesson of how to treat women with respect through the fractured skull I was going to give him. She begged and pleaded with me not to hurt him, that he was really a good person, that he did not mean it, that he really loved her. Well I gave into her pleading and did not fight him. Two days later he beat her so bad she was in coma for over a month and needed reconstructive surgery to fix her once beautiful face.
        Over the years I have met women young and old who have told me more than a few horror stories about how they have been beaten and abused. I have heard everything from grandpas wandering hands, to having their face shattered by being stomped on by their fiancé, to being gang raped and set on fire. Each time I have heard these sorts of things, something primal wells up within, a desire to do great violence against those who have hurt these women.
        We as a race have lost something unique to our culture, a sense of chivalry. If you look at the Blacks they do not have anything in their culture or history as powerful a symbol as the knight in shining armor. The Arabs throw acid in the eyes of women who dare to read and sell their daughters for a camel. Even the Asians with their samurai do not compete with the idea of the knight. The samurai is sworn to serve his master; a knight is sworn to obey higher ideals and to defend the helpless. For centuries it was the ethics and ideas of the Knight that taught a boy how to be a man, taught him responsibility, courage and empathy. It taught men to seek justice for those who have been wronged. At least in theory it did, there has always been those too lazy to commit themselves to higher standards and choose to live in a self-centred manner.
      A little girl no more than 8 years old is raped. What would the men of 1000 years ago do? Kill the rapist. 300 years ago? Kill the rapist. 120 years ago? Kill the rapist. Today we send him to jail for a few months, a few years at the most.  What changed, why did we suddenly become so uncaring that we treat our women and children little better than a Muslim?
     Well first we started listening to the pacifists and their telling men that there is never a reason for violence. I cannot count how many times I have been told “It takes more courage not to fight”, which is one of the stupidest statements I have ever heard. The threat of being physically hurt fills most people with fear, it is in overcoming that fear that one is able to fight. That is the essence of courage, the overcoming of fear. Running away is an act of cowardice. We as a society have made cowardice a virtue, which has made us weak and unwilling to do the right thing. It takes courage to do the right thing, to live a moral life. The giving into cowardice leads to giving up, which in turn leads to looking for the meaning of life in vice and depravity, a black hole of empty meaninglessness if ever there was one.
     Second the modern feminist has been pounding into the heads of men that they are not needed, that women can do everything themselves. And for the most part women can do the majority of things a man can do, except for keeping sex offenders in line. A man who beats or rapes children or women has no respect for them, he sees them as objects and no woman will ever convince him that they deserve respect. That is a job for men. Violence against women is a problem caused by men and men must be the ones to solve it. The only way men will solve it is by doing what I should have done all those years ago, beat the crap out of guys who abuse women and children, beat them until they lose bowel control and beg for mercy.

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