Sunday, 26 January 2014

What does sharia law mean for us in the west? Well for one thing it means that you won’t be seeing any good looking women walking down the street in a short skirt and a low neck line. You know how some people go for a beer after work or having a few on Saint Patrick’s Day? Well you can forget that. Do you have fun dressing up and going to a costume party or taking you kids trick or treating? Nope that won’t be happening. The most classic of all breakfasts’ bacon and eggs will be just eggs. Watching the bright happy face of a child opening presents on Christmas morning? Yeah that too is out. No more Christmas and no more ham. Instead you get to spend an entire month once a year not eating from sun up to sun down. Enjoy playing fetch with Fido or Spot? Under Islamic law you won’t. No dogs allowed. Even language is not safe. Under Sharia law only Arabic is approved. The Koran is only the Koran when it is in Arabic.  All converts are expected to learn it. Which raises another question is it spelled Koran or Quran? Just pick one and stick with it already.
                Sharia law in the west means massive economic hardship, when the alcohol and pork industry are shutdown to comply with the law. Not to mention fashion designers will be out of work, there is only so much you can do with a plain black burka. That means thousands of jobs will be gone. It means taking away a little girls puppy and sticking her in a burka then forbidding her to read or have any opinion or rights of any kind. Muslims want to outlaw Christmas and Halloween and Saint Patrick’s Day. It means the destruction of our language and the millions of books written by our ancestors being forever lost. Living under Sharia law is not just oppressive, it is boring. Like insanity causing boring. I’m talking the kind of boring where you strap a bomb on yourself and set it off in a crowded place, because you can’t take the pointless, dull life devoid of all forms of fun and you just want something interesting to happen boring.
                That’s why Muslims are always so pissed off you know. They have a boring culture that won’t allow you any kind of fun, none at all. And since they don’t allow women an education or opinion, the females in Islam are the worst conversationalists around, not to mention you never see any good looking ones because they are covered in fourteen layers of clothing. Oh and if your daughter or wife or sister or mother is raped? Don’t bother going to the police because the lady you love is just going to be killed for committing adultery. And if you can’t stand the fact that the women in your life never have anything interesting to say don’t teach them to read because they will have their eyes burned out with acid.
       That is what Islam is all about, so do the right thing and help kick these assholes out.

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  1. this is islam declaring jihad against Canada.... you must watch brigette Gabriel a brilliant women, who saw islam invade Lebanon yrs ago, how islam did it . using that countrys' rights, freedoms, multiculturalism, openness to visitors Against the residents, .. just like muslims are doing against N Americans in our courts, etc.. once jihad was declared on her county all every day muslims who were neighbors , attended parties at her parents house Executed jihad against her family , YOUR next door muslim, YOUR every day muslim IN N AMERICA ...